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Last Reviewed: 27/03/2014

Welcome to Commercialisation Australia's portfolio magazine, Value Proposition. The name of the magazine encapsulates Commercialisation Australia's mission - to see more of our ingenious inventions and world class R&D achieve commercial expression.

The magazine is released quarterly and includes informative, entertaining and inspiring material.

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Edition 5, March 2014

The fifth edition of Value Proposition magazine looks at the Defence, Safety and Security sectors.




Cover of October magazine

Edition 4, October 2013

The fourth edition of Value Proposition looks at the Health and Medical sector.




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Edition 3, July 2013

The third edition of Value Proposition looks at innovation in regional Australia. 




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Edition 2, March 2013

Our second edition focusses on manufacturing, engineering and design. We hear to some of our Participants in this space and three of our Case Managers. We also talk to Expert Network members John Bailye and Jeremy Liew.



  The front cover of the Value Proposition magazine 


Edition 1, December 2012

In our first edition of Value Proposition we take a look at the IT market, both locally and globally.  We feature some of our Participants in the increasingly diverse IT space.  We look at what it takes to make it in Silicon Valley and hear from entrepreneurs who have succeeded there.


Next Edition

Our next edition of the Value Proposition will be available in mid 2014.

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