Early Stage Commercialisation
Last Reviewed: 19/12/2012

New innovations require critical funds to take a prototype or working idea and develop it into a marketable product. Early Stage Commercialisation support provides funding for the steps necessary to bring a new product, process or service to market. This support is aimed at companies who have an innovative product with potential but need assistance in areas such as, but not limited to, development, market validation, compliance with industry standards, and early sales.


  • Funding Amount - $50,000 to $2 million is available for participants 
  • Minimum Contribution - Participants are required to match the grant funding on an 50:50 basis, where the participant funds 50% of the costs (eg: $250,000 from the participant and $250,000 from Commercialisation Australia)
  • Project Length – Participants have 24 months to complete this component


Commercialisation Australia support offers more than just money:

  • Case Managers - All participants work with a Case ManagerCommercialisation Australia Case Managers are experienced business builders and entrepreneurs who understand the challenges of commercialising new IP and who can add value to your commercialisation and business activities. They can also assist you in preparing your application.  For more information go to the Case Manager section of this website
  • The Expert Network - Making the right business connections is important.  Participants may be matched to members of the Expert Network who are able to provide useful insights and introductions.  For more information go to the Expert Network section of this website

What Activities are Funded?

Early Stage Commercialisation assistance will fund activities associated with the steps necessary to bring a new product, process or service to market.

Types of eligible expenditure are:

  • Labour
  • Contracting
  • Plant
  • Prototyping
  • Intellectual property protection

This expenditure can be incurred for a range of activities including, but not limited to, product development, tooling-up for full scale production, market validation and execution of IP strategy.

For more information on eligible expenditure refer to the Commercialisation Australia Customer Information Guide.

Apply Now

For information about making an application, including eligibility, downloading application forms and the assessment process, go to the Apply section of this website.

Further Information

The information on this web page is a guide only. Detailed information on the terms and conditions of the Early Stage Commercialisation grant is located in the Customer Information Guide.