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AtCor Medical Pty Ltd
Last Reviewed: 02/04/2013

Cuff based central pressure system

AtCor Medical is the developer of the SphygmoCor® system which is in use in major medical institutions worldwide and measures central aortic blood pressure non-invasively. The company is developing an innovative way to capture the central aortic waveform that is key to the ability to produce accurate results and make the system easier for physicians to use. Understanding central aortic blood pressure is critical to managing cardiovascular disease risk, Australia’s leading cause of death and disability. Identifying this risk early allows for prevention of disease onset thereby improving quality of life and saving lives. Commercialisation Australia funding will allow AtCor to complete development and to then market the new product around the world.


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AtCor Medical Announces FDA Approval

In November 2012, AtCor Medical Pty Ltd announced it had received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance to market its new SphygmoCor XCEL system in the USA. The SphygmoCor® system noninvasively measures central aortic blood pressure and arterial stiffness.

The SphygmoCor XCEL was introduced in the US at the American Society of Nephrology conference in San Diego in early November. Tailored for use by medical specialists in fields including cardiology, hypertension, nephrology (renal or kidney disease) and endocrinology (diabetes), the system is already available for sale in Europe, Australia, and four Asian markets including India. The company plans to file applications for regulatory approval to sell into additional markets during the current financial year.

The SphygmoCor® system visibly identifies the effects of reflected blood pressure in the central aortic pressure wave, effects which cannot be detected with standard blood pressure monitoring.

More than 3,000 SphygmoCor® systems are currently in use worldwide at major medical institutions, research institutions and in various clinical trials with leading pharmaceutical companies. The company’s technology has been featured in more than 600 peer-reviewed studies published in leading medical journals. AtCor has operations in Australia, the United States, and Europe.