Last Reviewed: 28/03/2014


The Department of Industry is not currently accepting or processing applications or requests for funding extensions for Commercialisation Australia, while the Government is reviewing funding arrangements ahead of the Federal Budget in May 2014.

Applicants enquiring about the program can contact the Commercialisation Australia Hotline on 13 22 56 or



How do I Apply?

Commercialisation Australia has a two stage application process to help you decide whether this is the best program for you, and whether your application will be competitive. The steps to apply for Commercialisation Australia assistance are:

  1. Download and submit a Stage 1 Application Form - Applicants must complete a Stage 1 Application Form to help determine the eligibility and merit of their application.
  2. We will give you feedback on your application - Commercialisation Australia will contact the applicant to discuss whether their project is eligible.
  3. Complete a Stage 2 Application Form - Competitive applicants will be asked to complete a more detailed Stage 2 Application Form.  A Commercialisation Australia Case Manager will assist you with this.

Applications are assessed on a continuous basis - this means you can apply at any time.

Applicants may apply for up to two components at the same time, with the exception of:

  • Skills & Knowledge and Early Stage Commercialisation, and
  • Proof of Concept and Early Stage Commercialisation.

How are Applications Assessed?

Applications are considered by an independent group of industry experts, the Commercialisation Australia Board.  Their assessment is based on the detailed analysis and recommendations of Case Managers.  Assessment is on a competitive basis against six merit criteria:

  1. Need for Funding - All applicants need to satisfy the Board that they don't have sufficient funding to undertake all the required commercialisation activities and it would be unreasonable to expect the applicant to raise all of the necessary funding otherwise.  Only applications that demonstrate a genuine need for funding will be assessed against the other criteria.
  2. Market opportunity for the outcomes of the project.
  3. Compelling value proposition for the new product, process or service (including an explanation of why customers will purchase it).
  4. Sound execution plan.
  5. Management capability.
  6. National benefits resulting from the project.

For information on eligibility, merit criteria and the application process, refer to the Customer Information Guide.